How To Select The Perfect Wallpaper For Your Space

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Set yourself up for interior décor success with our expert advice on selecting the right wallpaper for your space.


Get inspired

Let’s be honest—seeking inspiration from our favorite designer resources, blogs, magazines and Instagram accounts might be the best part of this process! If you’re looking for some go-to’s for great ideas, we love Apartment Therapy, Honestly WTF and Design Milk. And the Form Paper Co. Instagram feed, of course. We’ve got some pretty visuals there, plus expert advice on selecting and hanging peel and stick wallpaper, honest customer reviews, tips for styling your space and more.


Decide if you want a pop of color or to keep it neutral

OK, it’s no secret that we’re fans of big and bold here at Form Paper Co. But even then, there’s room for interpretation. Do you want daring patterns AND bright tones? Smaller-scale prints with a more neutral hue? Bold shapes with simple colors? Big on color, small on prints? You get the picture. The options are practically endless. But here are some basic expert tips to consider:

1. Color can set a specific mood—do some basic color theory research to make sure you’re picking the ride shade.

2. Patterns with cool-color backgrounds like green, blue or violet can make a space look bigger and ceilings higher.

3. Soft cool colors bring a tranquil vibe; bold cool colors can be fresh and dramatic.

4. Warm tones like red, yellow and orange make you feel warmer and they’re often a popular choice in color climates. They’re also great for north-facing rooms.

5. Remember: The more intense the wallpaper color, the more exciting the space.


Take lighting into consideration

North-facing rooms, dark hallways and windowless rooms (like a bathroom) do best with wallpapers that have light colors and metallic or iridescent inks because they reflect light around the space. And patterns with smooth surfaces reflect the most light. Meanwhile, because dark color absorbs light, it can make walls appear closer and spaces cozier. Same with textured wallpaper.


Zero in on the right style

How would you define your aesthetic? Are you going for a more formal look? Look for wallpaper with small motifs that are open and symmetrically spaced. Prefer a more fun and bright design? Large-scale patterns with bold colors are your answer.


Don’t forget about scale

And here’s a little more designer geek know-how to keep in mind: Stripes and vertical patterns also evoke a sense of dignity, vitality and formality because they emphasize the height of a room. Vertical patterns, including floral prints, where the motif is a V- or U-shape also makes ceilings look higher. On the flipside, horizontal prints emphasize width, making rooms look larger and bringing in a sense of calm and stillness. Small-scale patterns make rooms spacious and large-scale designs on wallpaper will make your space feel more intimate. Keep some of these basics in mind and you’ll be on your way to designing like a professional.


Mix-and-match with creative caution

Listen, we fully believe that a room without pattern is a room without personality. But even we are careful when it comes to mixing prints. You don’t want your room to look disjointed or overwhelming, do you? That being said, there’s definitely a way to mix prints and patterns stylishly. For example, when pairing stripes, florals or plaids in a single space or between adjacent rooms, pick a mix of prints that repeat the same color or values of that same color.


Go with your gut!

While we love the inspiration stage of design, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Don’t bog yourself down with too many big ideas and don’t complicate things. Listen to your instincts and design a space that’s true to your style and personality, and you really can’t go wrong. Plus, the nice thing is, with Form Paper Co. peel and stick, no design decision is forever permanent, so you can easily remove the wallpaper and try again or move it to a different spot.